Making the most out of your summer internship

Last summer I had an incredible opportunity to complete an internship with a fantastic insurance company, Beazley. I Interned in Talent’s Management another name being Human Resources, in a nutshell, my duties involved a lot of paperwork such as scanning, filing, helping out with campaigns, I recorded a few interviews and undertook several visits to Lloyd’s of London (the massive Insurance market.) All in all, I had an incredible experience and in this blog post, I will share the main ways that I made the most out of my internship.

  1. I opened a LinkedIn account, LinkedIn is very useful. It has been helping me to keep track of my accomplishments in my financial life because sometimes our mind isn’t the most memorable. As well as, it gives you the ability to ‘connect’ with your colleagues and people who you meet, so you can see what they are currently doing in their careers. Especially, after you finish your internship it’s an incredible way to stay in touch.
  2. Post-It-Notes or a Notebook. Have some kind of way of taking notes, of recording the duties that you need to do and important things that you hear about the company. This all comes in handy one way or another.
  3. Arrive early or stay later to complete work tasks. This helps you use your time more efficiently and leaves a good impression.
  4. Talk to your work colleagues about your weekend. The most common question you hear on a Monday morning is “How was your weekend?/What did you do over your weekend?” The worst response to give is “it was fine/good” a simple question like this opens a gateway of opportunities for instance you may realise you share similar passions. For instance, I used to do training on Thursdays for basketball with my Youth Group and I would share this with my colleagues and they told me about the sports opportunities in the company and I got to talk about the awesome things that we do in my Youth Group.
  5. Save money. Internships provide money, don’t just spend it all or shopping save some in the bank.
  6. Enjoy it while it lasts, my internship was three months and I loved every moment of it. Of course it had its ups and downs, but I still talk about my internship till this day.

Hope this was helpful! ๐Ÿ˜€

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