My Year Of Personal Development- 2018

My Gold Award

The Gold Award is a one-year personal and professional development programme that helps you to reflect on your experiences and develop the skills you are gaining from your co-curricular activities.

The 40 hours of extracurricular activities that I chose to complete were:

1. Twice a week I would teach students how to enhance their debating skills in order to prepare them for the Urban Debate League and the Debate Mate Cup. Through this, I learnt a lot about debating and learnt ways of constructing my ideas in a concise and clear way. I enjoyed working with students, I had a lot of funny and their talent blew me away!

2. I worked as a Housing Fair Assistant at a University open day. I helped manage queues and sign-in students that were looking for accommodation.

3. I posted articles on my blog, with the aim to inspire.

What Key skills did I develop?

The key skills I developed was time management, as well as completing 40 hours of extracurricular activities I also had to attend workshops that will help me complete the Gold Award, as well as managing my studies and life responsibilities. In addition, I learnt the importance of developing my communication skills, for instance, the way I speak to a student must be different to a way I speak to a teacher/parent and etc. I learnt the importance of moulding myself to wherever I am placed.

What challenges did I face and how I overcome them?

There was a point during the Gold Award where I got really ill, I caught a virus and I was behind my school work. I didn’t think I would be able to carry on with the Gold Award, so I dropped an email to the Gold Award and explained my situation. They extended my deadline and motivated me to carry on- so I decided to carry on even though I didn’t know how I was going to complete it. But through my persistence, I had opportunities and was able to complete all the sections of the Award.

What I will take forward with the Gold Award?

In one of my appointments with the careers consultants, I was given advice to research firms that I want to complete a summer internship at in my penultimate year and then tailor my cover letter and cv to every application that I send. Also, that I should attend insight days at company’s that I would like to work for in the future.

I’ve really enjoyed completing the Gold Award as it’s helped me develop more and to keep track of my achievements.

There’s a famous quote ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ I believe this summarises my experience of the whole year, that we should always go for opportunities that challenge us.

2 thoughts on “My Year Of Personal Development- 2018

  1. A wonderful challenge your life is. Reading, I felt empowerment in bodied by fulfillment. The changes over time that you solely molded yourself in, distilled into words. I can only imagine how much you’ve personal developed. I’ll stop being, jealous of your Gold Award in due time. Thank you for sharing skills.

    1. Haha, well you can make your own ‘Gold Award’- set yourself a goals on areas that you’d like to develop 😉

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