My Summer 2018

It’s incredible how fast this summer was, it felt like only yesterday that I finished my first year of university and entered into my summer holidays!

I made the most out of my summer and I ended up completing an Internship at an incredible Insurance Firm.

It’s so interesting how everything worked out, because I was already set on starting a job in retail and then I got an email about internship I asked about; I quit the retail job and grasped the opportunity to work in Insurance with both hands.

I learnt so much, the importance of presence and even the small things I noticed through observations such as asking ‘how was your weekend?’ and having the occasional desk conversations. I can definitely say that the internship that I completed has broaden my horizons, and has made me more ambitious about the goals I want to achieve.

I recommend everyone to get some work experience or to complete an internship, the exposure is great. Also it helps to provide clear insights in to what you may/may not want to do in the future.

I also spoke on panels about my experience at the internship and attended several networking events.

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