There is strength in the struggle


I came across a video on LinkedIn, a woman was talking about a parable- a donkey was stuck in a hole and started braying because it wanted to get out of the hole. Those around thought the hole was too deep and said there’s no chance for the donkey to get out- they thought ‘we may as well just bury him’. So they started to chuck soil at the donkey in the hole, the donkey brushed off the soil and the soil fell beneath his legs. He kept on repeating this action until the soil below him was so thick that it filled the hole and the donkey was able to get out.

Inspiring isn’t? But what I want to emphasise is the fact that people said ‘we may as well just bury him’ they were essentially saying he is better dead than alive. That hurts! How many times, on a day to day basis, do we receive negative words like this? It hurts, but it’s also our strength and provides a way to get out of the situation- for some those negative words could be a fuel. Don’t allow the negatives of life to put you don’t, brush off the dirt and elevate yourself out of the struggle!

“Convert the negatives into positive…”

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