Working part time whilst studying- con’s

A good majority of students find themselves in a dilemma, should I work part time to earn extra cash or should I just budget my Student Finance so that I can do well in my degree? It’s a interesting question with many sides to the coin. So here are the con’s of working whilst studying:

1. Your time gets cut in half. 

I’m not just talking about losing the hours that you spend working that you lose, but also travelling to and from work. Whether that be from university or home it eats into your time. Initially I did not feel it at the start, but when I started to have deadlines the following week I had to really plan my schedule in advance to insure I would submit my essay before the deadline and also arrive at work on time.

2. You have to compromise

Personally, I prefer retail jobs as you have a consistent wage each month. I know some students do waitress/event jobs on the weekends, but even with those jobs it’s not guaranteed that every week you’ll get a job as the contract days can rapidly change. My friend was telling me that she was on a zero hour contract and sometimes out the blue she’ll receive a phone call and her manager would tell her to come to work- just like that!

Back to retail, finding a job in retail that fits around your schedule is very very hard. Personally, I recommend looking at small retail stores such as stationary shops and beauty stores. Stores like this are more likely to have contracts that range from 6, 8, 12, 18+ hours which hopefully would fit around your schedule.

In all honestly, you may have to comprise and miss a lecture *covers face*, in my first year at University I was working at Marks and Spencer on a 15 hour contract a week so I was getting around £370 a month. One of the days clashed with my lecture and I nicely did not attend the lecture because I was focused on earning money lol. But I have noticed with small retail stores they are very understanding about university and they’ll most likely be a shift that suits you’re schedule

3. Get ready to be called in

Retail is a busy industry and sometimes people do not make it to work last minute because of an emergency and the shift would need to be covered. I have to say though that the retail managers out there are strong people, a lot of the time they are the ones that are covering these shifts. So there are times when you get the random call to come into work to cover someone’s shift, if you really can’t do the shift put your foot down and say no. Because the moment you say yes… it opens a door.

4. Most of your money will be spent in the store you work for

Most retail stores have a discount for employees, Sainsbury’s have 15%, Marks and Spencer 20% and the list goes on. Most of your shift involves you filling shelves or scanning customers products and without you realising you notice certain products and when you think of the discount that you have, all of a sudden shopping becomes appealing.

5. Say goodbye to sleep

So you’ve been up the whole day running from uni to work and walking home. You’re legs are in so much pain from standing up for so long and the moment you get home, guess what you’ve got an essay due in 2 days time. The rest is history!

All in all, there are various con’s and pro’s to consider when it comes to working part-time. I personally decided to work part time as my contract is temporary and the extra money I can use it to invest towards one of my future projects.

What’s your thoughts on working in retail?

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