Dealing with failure

I’m currently in the process of applying to graduate schemes and I know so many people that are also in this same boat. I was thinking about rejections the other day and how if we aren’t headstrong it can pull us down and potentially make us give up.

I had an interview the other day, and I’m usually the type of person that would rather focus on the good than dwell on the not so good. A thought came into my mind after the interview ”imagine if you don’t get this job”. Usually, I’ll just speak positively to a ’negative thought’, but on this occasion, I decided to change my thought process and decided to look at this thought differently.

Here’s an insight into my thought process:

If I get rejected from any job, the company has just missed out on a talented, unique and hard-working individual that would have created the next big change within their company.

It’s the company’s loss at the end of the day (not mine/yours). Also, I like to think that an even better job will come my way.

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