Slow and Steady Wins The Race

If it comes easy is it worth having?

We live in a generation where fast seems to mean progress.

When the WiFi takes an extra two seconds to load, automatically this means something is wrong and patience gets thrown out of the window.

Something I admire about previous generations is their work ethic, perhaps the circumstances of the world that they were living in played a role in them developing great resilience. They seem like a very determined generation where things were not easily given to them, they had to fight for it.

Nowadays, when we want food to be warmed up, all we have to do is set the timer on for 4 minutes and before you know it the food is warm. Previous generations would have to set sticks a light to form a fire to warm up their food, something as simple as this already conveys their work ethic.
I was scrolling through LinkedIn the other day and came across an insightful video from Simon Sinek about how, we, millennial’s desire to have instant gratification and I must admit most of his points made complete and utter sense. He used an analogy of having a goal of having healthy teeth, going to the dentist twice a year as much of a ‘big’ step as it may seem is not what will guarantee you reaching this goal. But rather, small consistent actions of brushing your teeth twice a day, everyday for simply two minutes will. In the short term, you won’t seem immediate results but in the long term, you will notice your teeth being white and healthy.

Upon entering this new decade, I have been thinking about goals and yes, it is nice to achieve goals within a click of a finger. But there is nothing like achieving a goal through the struggle. The struggle adds so much weight that when you achieve the goal it carries value and respect with it and won’t be taken for granted simply because the journey to obtaining it wasn’t a simple one.

It is better to build slow and steady, than fast and seeing it quickly fade before your eyes.

If we take it back to the story of the Hare and The Tortoise, who won the race?
Do you see what I mean?

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