Facing My Fears – Spain X Portugal

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Last month I took a short vacation with my sister and we went to Portugal. We stayed in Monte Gordo- a beautiful part of Portugal. The food was beyond amazing, we ate Rissois, Beef Stroganoff, chicken/pork and chips… and so much more food – as much as I love chips, by the end of the journey I had so much and was tired of chips lol!

As well as, we went to this amazing style Rodizo- in case you are not familiar with Rodizio style restaurants, you have a selection of hot and cold buffet sides and the chef’s serve you various cuts of meats. If you like meat and lots of food you would love this place.

We stayed in the Alcazar Hotel & Spa, Rua de Ceuta, Monte Gordo, Portugal. Which is a fantastic 4* hotel everything was just excellent- room service, food and hotel room.

The purpose of the short vacation was to spend moments to reflect and plan for a successful 2020. I took my LinkedIn Notebook with me; where I reflected on my goals and wrote down actions I can take to achieve them. Self-reflection and action are key.

Perhaps, you are wondering- but why the Title ‘Facing My Fears’, good question okay let me get on to that. Storytime. When I was 9 or 10 years old, I went on a school trip to the canal and I accidentally slipped and fell into the canal. It was such a traumatic experience whereby I feared water for some weeks, whenever I would bathe I used minimal water as possible. Eventually, I overcame this fear and moved on.

However, and that’s a big ‘HOWEVER’. I have always been fearful about the seas and oceans; whenever I would see deep waters it would trigger the past experience of almost drowning. I am not a massive fan of sailing on boats or swimming in general, so whilst I was in Portugal we realised there we could take a ferry from Portugal to a region of Spain (Ayamonte) for 3.40 euros (15 minutes ride), which is a bargain! I won’t lie, initially, I was resistant because I feared the worst would occur. But I plucked the courage to get on the ferry; whilst on this ferry, I was a bit nervous and concerned but I reached a point where I just put my fear aside and chose to enjoy the ferry. At the end of the journey, I even forgot about my fear of water.

The moral of the story, fear is really just in the mind lol.

Enjoy the gallery of photos:


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