Covid-19 May Enable You To Land A Job- Faster.

Reading Time – 3 minutes

This unanticipated pandemic has struck us all by surprise, this article aims to focus on the ‘good’ that can potentially stem from this pandemic in terms of securing a graduate role, internship or job in within a supermarket, in an unstable climate.

Disclaimer: I am not making light of the current pandemic, just wanting to provide an alternative perspective as to how we can benefit from it; Enjoy!

Covid-19 might be a positive driver as to why you can secure your dream graduate or internship role. Currently, a significant proportion of students are worried- with all the changes in assessments (online exams, extended deadlines and graduation cancellations); all this somehow blurs ones focus to the potential good that is around the corner. Especially, as this is usually the time when candidates are shortlisted for interviews, assessment centres and perhaps still even applying for internships or graduate schemes. Hearing the news about this pandemic and how major firms and corporations are having to work from home, and there being a lot of uncertainty in the air can make candidates feel downhearted.

But, the purpose of this post is to enlighten you to the somewhat ‘good’ that can come from this. On that note, one the best times to invest is when the markets are unstable and uncertain; for this very same reason, a lot of people are sceptical and withdraw from taking major risks. They would rather wait until the markets are more stable and appealing before they take ‘risks’ as it may be easier to bounce back up.

But, is it really a ‘risk’ if it is taken in a stable market?

The other day, I was watching a video about the markets and investment, essentially the video explained how a company made many investment losses – short term- but the long term profit superseded the short term losses.

Possible benefits that Covid-19 brings in terms of employment:

  1. Recruitment Processes are shortened

Most companies generally follow a thorough recruitment process, where candidates are required to submit their CV & cover letter. Then, complete online assessments or situational judgement tests; a video interview; and the assessment centre followed by a final round of interviews.

All these steps require thorough preparation and it does take a lot of time. However, because of new procedures such as social distancing and avoiding large crowds many companies are cancelling assessment centres. In some companies, this step is being replaced by an online interview with the hiring manager; which is a lot less daunting than attending an assessment centre.

Thus, COVID-19 makes it easier to secure a role in a leading company at a graduate scheme or internship because the ‘assessment centre’ stage is eliminated or equally something is changed from the general recruitment process (of course this is what I have seen and heard from most companies, not all). If your strength is not assessment centres, then you’ve got a benefit!

  1. Earn More Money- Supermarkets are recruiting

Since we are all working and studying from home; spare time – something that used to be a stranger is becoming more and more familiar as the days go by. What about doing a part-time job in a supermarket to earn more cash?

An article published in the Metro explained how supermarkets are intensely recruiting for more staff, supermarkets such as Tesco, Aldi and Iceland; Tesco alone is looking to recruit 20,000 new members of staff and Aldi 9,000.

My first point in this article was that recruitment processes are shortened because of COVID-19, which has been equally demonstrated as new employees at Tesco are explaining that within hours of applying for roles they are being shortlisted for interviews.

3. More Time to invest in yourself; learn a new skill or even start up your own business

With the extra time that comes hand in hand with Covid-19, let us use our time wisely and make decisions that will benefit us later on in life.

P.S –  of course, let’s ensure we are following the procedures to ensure good hygiene to eliminate the spread of this virus.



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