Interview Myths #1- ‘Extroverts perform better in interviews than the average person, this means they have more job offers’

The first interview myth I will be addressing is the whole idea of extroverts and outgoing people performing better in interviews and this results in them receiving more job offers than the usual person. This is one of the biggest interview myths.

The reality is PREPARED people perform better in interviews and receive more job offers. This is because a person that is prepared for an interview has researched possible questions that will come up, has prepared stock answers to respond with, knows the in’s and out’s of the company. Thus, it is a fair point in saying this person exhibits confidence because of their preparation. The hiring manager is engaged and genuinely finds the candidate interesting because they come across passionate and ‘well polished’.

In summary, it is not about how loud or overly confidence a person comes across because they can even come across as pride which can be a major turnoff for companies. It’s more about how well you are expressing yourself to be a suitable fit for the company and job, through drawing on your skills and experience in a well thought through way = preparation.

Tips on How To Prepare for Interviews:

  1. Understand the job role and job description– this will help you understand what key skills the hiring manager expects you to demonstrate
  2. Prepare stock answers for questions you may get asked – google search interview questions for ‘Job Title’.
  3. Practice saying your answers, I usually record myself -video to help me with video interviews and audio to help me with in-person/telephone interviews. This helps me see if I am speaking too fast or slow and what adjustments I need to make.
  4. Relax- do not get too overwhelmed about the interview and if worst comes to worst – see the rejection as redirection to something even better!



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