Tailor Your CV to a Job Description

We always hear that we should not submit a standardised Cv for every job, but rather we should adapt or tailor our Cv to each job we apply for. The purpose of this post is to explain practically how to tailor your Cv to a job description.

Firstly, think about the skills you have developed; you can do this by writing your skills down on a piece of paper.

Secondly, put your skills into categories e.g. ‘Leadership’, ‘Teamwork’, and ‘Communication’. These skills are usually what most employers look for.

Thirdly, analyse the job description; even though job titles may sound similar they have minor differences within the job description. Every company is different, job descriptions provide insight into the types of skills and experiences employers want applicants to have.

Fourthly, outline your skills that are most aligned to the job description. Which skills appear the most when you analysed the job description? This skill is the most important one that the employer is looking for.

Finally, provide examples of how you demonstrated the skills. There is no use in saying you have this skill without backing it up with experience. You can draw examples from your experience and education.

In summary, it is important to take time out to tailor your cv to each job you apply for, this will make you stand out more as a candidate.


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