How I went from a Psychology Grad to an IT Intern – |My Internship Experience @BGF

Application Process:

I had never heard about BGF (Business Growth Fund) before, but I received an email from Student Ladder advertising the various different types of internship vacancies they had. Prior to this, I had completed work experience in Investment Management so I knew this would be an industry that I would see myself working in. The different internship vacancies they were hiring for included Marketing, IT, Investment, HR and Talent Network were the ones I can recall off the top of my head.

I leaned towards the IT intern programme, this is because at the time I was completing a course on coding and learning a bit more about Technology and it’s importance in a developing world. Also, I had attended a Girl’s Tech Summit @ Facebook where I had insight into Augumented Reality and a career in Tech. For this reason, I decided to apply for the Technology Internship.

The application form was straight forward there were a few motivational questions I had to answer and submit alongside my Cv. I then had a telephone interview and a Microsoft Team’s vide interview.

Working at BGF:

When I found out I got the internship at BGF I was ecstatic. I had the opportunity to create content on different areas within IT such as versioning history. I worked on two internship projects one focusing on ESG and the other focusing on the next big investment. I loved the whole experience because I was pushed out of my comfort zone and I was able to absorb so much new information!

Upon starting they sent us a Pizza Pilgrim box and on our first day we made pizza’s for lunch!😱😋

Final pizza

Culture at BGF

The culture at BGF is very unique, everyone is very welcome and it almost feels like a family. Without exaggeration, I could message anyone in my team or another department and they would be willing to share their experience of their time at BGF or help me with work.

What I have learnt:

From this internship, I have learnt how to multi-task at a higher level. This is because I had to juggle many tasks, and priotitise tasks each day.

I also learnt, the importance of working in a company where my culture aligns to that of the company. This is because it makes work much more easier and enjoyable.

One of the sessions I took part in, highlighted the importance of constantly learning this is because the world is always changing. I will be taking with me the impotence of always learning and not to get comfortable.

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