Black Girls Tech Summit @Facebook – 2019

On the 29th November 2019, I was 1 of 100 young black women that was selected to take part in the first-ever Black Girls Tech Summit 2019 sponsored by Girls Talk London, Facebook and LinkedIn. It was an immense privilege to take part, especially because there were 200 other women on the waiting list!

The event was so important; with technological advancements increasing at a rapid rate, I believe that in the future skills such as coding will become a necessity in a lot of jobs. Tech is forming an important component in our society- especially amongst young people through the intensive use of social media platforms.

Throughout the day I learnt about; why now is the best time to work in Tech, the importance of resilience in education and at work, how to overcome the Imposter Syndrome, personal branding and how to land my dream job. As well as, I took part in Facebook’s Product Demonstrations: Virtual Reality and Instagram Stories- super exciting!

This event has inspired me, I think sometimes we can easily get stuck in a routine in life and become quite narrow-minded. But it’s good to go to events like this and appreciate different perspectives. In my life, I have always had an ‘open to experience’ type of trait where I’m willing to listen to another perspective; which has resulted in me exploring different industries and roles.

However, this trait made me at times a bit confused as to what career I wanted to pursue, as I often liked “a bit of everything” or was a bit concerned about being thrown into the deep end of a role without thorough preparation. But this event has taught me that you must push yourself in life, and stability is comforting but it is not everything. Growth is challenging, intentional and its rewards leave a legacy.

I’m super grateful that I took part in this Summit. I’ll end on some words that were mentioned throughout the event that stuck with me:

“You have more to teach the world than you might think”

“You need to be adaptable because in 6 months time you’ll be doing something totally different in your role”

“Don’t put your energy in trying to blend, put your energy in being who you are”

“Take risks and be bold”

“Have some allergic reactions to jobs” – as in trying a job and it is okay not to like it and realise this isn’t the career for you.

“If you ask for a job, you receive advice; if you ask for advice it leads you to a job.”


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