Know Your Strengths, Strengthen Your Weaknesses (Personality Tests) – Personality X Workplace

There are some personalities that we are attracted to and others we repel. It is very important to identify what our own personality type is and that of others. This is so we are able to navigate better in relationships and consequently this will lead to optimum performance at work.

In my opinion, personality at work is an interesting area to explore; not only because we spend most of our time there, but because we end up working with people from such different cultures and backgrounds. Ultimately, we come in contact with different types of personalities, and if we do not navigate these relationships appropriately it can make work a nightmare.

There are websites such as, and where different types of personality tests can be completed.

Myers Briggs 16 Personalities Test:

Personality types are divided into four main categories: analysts, diplomats, sentinels, and explorers. Within these main categories are further sub categories i.e ‘explorers’ has sub categories of virtuoso, adventurer, entrepreneur and entertainer.

Strength Profile:

Depending on which package you select, you will be informed about your realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and other descriptions.

Adobe Creative Types:

These creative types are comprised of 8 categories: the artist, the thinker, the adventurer, the maker, the producer, the dreamer, the innovator, and the visionary- I’m a visionary ๐Ÿ™‚

This test identifies creative strength, untapped potential and ideal collaborator.

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