How To Exude Confidence During An Interview

Interviews can be a scary process, but this article aims to provide you with helpful tips to make interviews more enjoyable. Who knows, through the tips listed in this article it may help you radiate more confidence and potentially you may get hired for that job role!

Tip 1: Interviews are a two-way process

When one is desperately in need of a job, it is easy to forget this first tip. But this tip will help you understand your worth in an interview setting, that being you have the right to also interview the interviewer to see if this is a company you’ll like to work for. And there is nothing wrong with at the interview stage realising this isn’t the type of company you’ll like to work for, in fact this demonstrates that you know your worth to the extent that you will not be settling for less than your standards.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to ask the nitty gritty questions, don’t ask questions for the sake of it make sure they are well-thought out (intentional)

Important questions to ask especially in a time like this include:

– What is your coronavirus policy?

-How is this company supporting staff that are working from home?

-What are the weaknesses of the company, are there any strategies in place to resolve them?

My point is, ask questions that may even make the interviewer sweat because you want to understand as much about the company as possible. This will help you make a well informed decision as to whether this is somewhere you see yourself working at.

Tip 3: Research about the company and those who are interviewing you

Make an effort to research as much about the company as possible such as what is being said about them in the news. Also, those interviewing you; check out their LinkedIn profiles and from there create interesting questions to ask them.

Tip 4: If you made it to the interview stage it is because you can add something special to the company, believe in yourself.

I like to think of it as, if you have made it to the interview stage you are 1 step away from getting the job. With that being said, the company clearly sees something special in you that they are in need of! So carry yourself with confidence and own it.

Tip 5: Practice makes things better

Practice interview questions, ask friends or family to test you or write out your answers. Practice makes things better!

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