Networking Platforms- Other Than LinkedIn

Lockdown restrictions has resulted in a surge in online networking, whether that is booking catch up’s and meetings via streaming platforms like Zoom or Microsoft teams, now more than ever networking online has become a necessity.

Although, there is a massive misconception that networking online has become synonymous with LinkedIn, which I understand as LinkedIn has an array of features such as writing articles, sending InMail, and connecting with people, this has made LinkedIn become an indispensable social media tool. I wonder which social media platform will take over LinkedIn in the next years…

Nonetheless, this article aims to highlight other networking platforms that may not be in the spotlight like LinkedIn when it comes to networking, or perhaps you never thought about certain platforms being used for networking…


Facebook is a great platform for building one’s brand and visibility online, through features such as photos, infographics, and Groups. Also, you can search for specific groups that can help you connect with professionals in field, contribute your opinion to topics and share informative material.

Facebook Live is a live streamlining feature of Facebook, organisations used it to host seminars and Q&A.


Twitter is a good platform for building relationships with people on different levels. For instance, if there is a certain hashtag that you want to follow up on you can search it on google and see who else has also been engaging with these tweets and perhaps you may follow them.

From time to time, industry leaders’ tweet and retweet opportunities.

In order to build your brand effectively on Twitter, frequent interaction is needed.


Quora is a “knowledge sharing” platform, that allows individuals to freely ask and answer questions that get posted onto the site (like a forum). Individuals can interact with these questions through functions such as liking, comment and sharing. As well as, individuals can search specific topics of interests and see different conversations on these topics. Quora is a great way to see what consumers think about topical trends.

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