How To: Pass Your Driving Theory Test UK

Last week I passed my driving theory test and I felt so relived and happy to have passed it. I wanted to share the tips which helped me to pass, and hopefully it helps you also. Since we are in another lockdown, now is the perfect time to revise for the driving theory test!

Tip 1: Download a Driving Theory App

  • Where you’ll have access to study content and mock tests
  • I used “The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit 2020” it cost £4.99.

Tip 2: Create a study routine, make sure to study weekly!

  • Whether that’s 20-30 minutes for 4 days a week, whichever one works for you
  • Studies show it takes 3 weeks to develop a new habit, so at least for 3-4 weeks revise for your driving theory test regularly

Tip 3: Book your driving theory test, but give yourself enough time to study for it

  • Recently test centres have been filling up quickly, so make sure to book your driving theory test in good time!

Tip 4: Keep practicing the questions and topics you are not good at

  • I created a word document on the mock questions I kept failing at, to help me read over it again and practice it (file below)

On the day of the driving theory test:

Arrive for the exam 20 minutes before the start time and refresh yourself on the content you have study.

Believe your hard work will pay off and stay calm.

Have you passed your theory already, which tips do you think are helpful?

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