Things I’m Doing During Lockdown 2.0

Last week Thursday the UK went into a second lockdown, it came very unexpected but that’s how life is. I have been learning how to adapt during this lockdown and to turn the lemon into lemonade! Not easy, but possible. Today’s article will be me sharing some the things I have been getting up to/ plan to do during Lockdown 2.0.

  1. Take up a new skill such as cooking new dishes, editing, photography and etc. Today I went out to the park to get fresh air and took some photos of nature, I would like to pick up sewing again during this lockdown also.
  2. Schedule catch up’s with friends. I am such a people’s person and I love to spend time with my friends, so I have decided to take some time out in the days to message my friends and see how they are getting on with the lockdown.
  3. I have been listening to more podcasts, any podcasts you recommend?
  4. I’m learning more about Financial Education through content from Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan.

What do you plan doing Lockdown 2.0? And if you want to rest because you’ve been so busy, then that is totally fine!

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