Skills Employers are Looking for in 2020

Remote Working

Remote working is a relatively new skill that is in high demand, and I guess we can say it ties in with being ‘adaptable’ because we are experiencing a new way of working- working from home. The recent pandemic has resulted in countries entering in several lock downs, and consequently work from home has become part of our new found normal. Employers are looking to see if you are adaptable (being able to work unsupervised and still complete work to a high standard).

If you have not yet developed this skill there are many ways to start doing so, such as enrolling for an online course, currently the Bright Networking are hosting an ‘Internship Experience UK On Demand’ this is a virtual internship programme exploring different sectors such as Financial Services, Consulting, Commercial Law, Investment Banking, Technology, Consulting & Project Management, Management & Business, Technology: IT & Software Development.

Commercial Awareness (Business Acumen)

This skill is about understanding how an industry operates, being up to date with the latest issues and solutions. The best way to develop this skill is to read news articles more so you are more up to date with what is going on in the world, and industry that is around you. Also, LinkedIn is a good place to develop your business acumen because your connections share their opinions on news topics, so it is also a space to get involved in news discussions and learn how to structure your line of argument.

Communication Skills

Communication skills relate to verbal and written, but one of the biggest problems with communication is people often listen to respond rather than listen to understand. Most employers are advocates for Diversity and Inclusion, and this means they believe that everyone should have a voice and should be respected. Therefore, communication is pinnacle, and understanding different points of view -regardless if you agree with the line of argument or not. Especially as many people are working from home, where they communicate via email or conference meetings, communication is becoming more important and has evolved to using functions such as ‘raising hand’ if you have a question to ask.  


Employers want to see you whether you can effectively work as part of a team, but if you are also able to lead and delegate. Teamwork at its core is about building positive working relationships that will benefit everyone within the company to achieve business goals.


You may not necessarily be applying for a managerial role, but employers still want to see that you demonstrate this skill and that you have the potential to lead. When you are completing application forms or graduate application processes ensure you explain situations where you have had the opportunity to lead whether that was in your degree or through extra-curricular activities.

What other skills do you think employers are looking for? Or what are some ways that you have been able to develop your skills?

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