WFH- Time Management Tips

  1. TIME BLOCK YOUR DAY– Schedule your day in time blocks for tasks rather than just having a to-do list.
  2. SCHEDULE IN BUFFER TIME– Give yourself time for things to go wrong.
  3. YOU CAN’T ALWAYS BE PRODUCTIVE– You can’t always be productive so don’t waste time dwelling on it and beating yourself up.
  4. YOU CAN’T WORK ALL DAY– You need to schedule a time for rest, don’t plan to work all day give yourself time to recharge.
  5. MULTITASKING DOESN’T WORK– Just do one thing at a time.
  6. SET DEADLINES– You’re more likely to get work done if you have a deadline to work towards
  7. SET UP A ROUTINE AND STICK TO IT– Set up a work routine to give your days more structure.
  8. JUST GET GOING– Just start working, even if you just work on the smallest task.
  9. PRIORITISE, PRIORITISE AND PRIORITISE– There isn’t time to do everything so do what is most important.
  10. GROUP MEETINGS INTO BLOCKS– Schedule all of your meetings to save time.
  11. WORK IN SPRINTS– Make sure to have frequent breaks while you are working.
  12. BREAK DOWN TASKS- So you can tackle each aspect one step at a time.
  13. ALWAYS TAKE NOTES– Don’t rely on your memory, take notes.
  14. FILE THINGS WHERE YOU’LL FIND THEM– Store them in a place that is easily accessible.
  15. AUTOMATE WHAT YOU CAN, BATCH WHAT YOU CAN’T– Take time to automate the tasks you can and group the ones you cannot do.
  16. BLOCK OUT DISTRACTIONS, DON’T RELY ON WILL POWER– Turn off notifications, deactivate apps that would possibly distract you.

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