How I Found A Graduate Job During The Coronavirus Pandemic & Companies Hiring (Graduates Jobs) 2021

How has the pandemic impacted the UK Jobs market?

August 2020 showed that the Coronavirus lockdown had caused the UK to enter a recession, accompanied with employment falling to its all-time lowest since the 2009 financial crisis. According to the government’s spending review, UK unemployment is expected to rise to 2.6 million by mid of 2021- this will ultimately impact 7.5% of the population. As well as the furlough scheme has been extended until March. With that being said, obtaining a job during the pandemic is not an easy task, but this article aims to provide tips on how to secure a graduate job in the midst of a pandemic.

General Tips To Get A Graduate Job in The Pandemic:

Recently, I have landed a graduate role during the pandemic and I am super duper grateful. I thought to share some general tips that have helped me to secure the job, this is because it has not been a smooth sailing journey. To put things into perspective, I had started to apply for graduate roles from October 2019 and only in February 2021 did I land myself a job. Therefore, my first tip is to embrace the process and everyone’s time scale and journey is different. Always extract inspiration from other people’s graduate job story and do not compare the time it will take you to get a job, with the time it may have taken someone else to get a job. This is because everyone is their own individual and has their own experiences/challenges.

The second tip is apply everywhere, even for those graduate schemes that may not have been your number one choice. This job search journey has taught me the importance of keeping my options open, and networking (which can even be through interviews or taking part in assessment centres) can open the door to opportunities that you did not even apply for. Another tip that walks hand in hand with “apply everywhere” is do not give up, applying for a graduate role in the midst of a pandemic is definitely a different ball game, but persistence is essential. Do not give up.

Sidenote, I don’t want this to just be an article where I share tips about what helped me to secure a graduate role and gloat about myself. Therefore, at the end of this article there are links to job vacancies at prestigious firms within the financial services that you can apply for- some are for school leavers and others for graduates. I strongly, encourage you to apply to them and make sure you tailor your application to the job description, which leads me onto my next point…

Furthermore, take time out to tailor your applications. When I was applying for jobs I took a significant amount of time out to scrutinize my CV to see what I could change e.g. “could I write this sentence in a more concise way?” “How can I structure my CV better”. I actively looked for ways to better my CV and to make sure my CV was tailored well to the job applications that I had planned to send off e.g. by incorporating the key buzzwords I would see on the job descriptions.

The final tip, keep track of your applications. I found that logging my applications onto a spreadsheet helped me to stay hopeful. For instance, if I received a rejection email I would remind myself of the other job applications that I had made. Consequently, this would make me think “I’m still yet to hear back from this company, hopefully it is a positive outcome.” From, recording my job applications it gave me something to be hopeful about. Also, I have a FREE job tracker resource which you can use to help you track all your job applications and the outcomes.

These were the tips that helped me to secure my graduate role in the midst of the pandemic, the most important tip for me was persistence. Don’t give up.

Persistence Quotes:

  • “A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.” – Elbert Hubbard
  • “To be the best, persist during the worst”
  • “Whoever knocks persistently ends by entering.” – Muhammad Ali

Places currently hiring 2021:

Fund Maintenance and Governance Trainee – Alcentra

Trainee Sustainability Analyst- LGT Vestra

HR Trainee – Santander Asset Management

Sales Support, ESG, Compliance Monitoring & IT – Aviva Investors

Various Trainee & Apprenticeship Roles- Schroders

Product Development Trainee- Invesco

Are you a recent graduate that has secured a graduate role in the midst of a pandemic? What has been a tip that has helped you to do so? Or if you are currently searching for a job, what tips have you found to be most helpful?

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