How To: Get into Industry With An Unrelated Degree

Elaborate your transferable skills:

Transferable skills are skills that can be applied to various jobs, examples include teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. The best way to elaborate on your transferable skills is to observe the job description and look at the keywords that are used, from this you can tailor your CV to reflect these transferable skills. This is a recipe for presenting yourself to be a suitable fit for the company/job.


Sometimes it is not about the knowledge you have, but rather WHO you know! Hands down, my favourite networking platform is LinkedIn. When I meet someone, whether that be at a networking event, interview or outreach project, and I find that I connect with that person- I usually search them up on LinkedIn and then I send them a request. This is because I see they can add value to me and I want to stay in contact.

You can network by reaching out via a message or email or even leaving comments on posts that you resonate with on LinkedIn. Also, posting regularly is a great way to connect and network on LinkedIn.

Recognise the value of your degree:

Which aspects of your degree would benefit your employer? For instance, knowledge of a particular knowledge may help you to provide an alternative perspective in the team. Or whilst at university, you may have had experience using advanced software, and perhaps this will be an advantage in the job role you are applying for because you would not need to be training how to use the software. Which will ultimately save money and time.

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