Improve Your Interactions With Your Work Colleagues By Understanding Their Temperaments #2 – Sanguine and Melancholic Temperaments

The sanguine personality temperament is impacted by a chemical called dopamine, this makes people who have this temperament to be extremely curious and creative. Their curiosity is displayed through their interest in reading and learning, sanguine people often have high levels of energy so at times they seem restless and spontaneous. Some people are perceived as being “super sanguine” meaning that they are overly talkative and active, which can make them overwhelming to be around.

Sanguine Personality:

  • Cheerful
  • Curious
  • Creative
  • Optimistic
  • Energetic
  • Spontaneous
  • Impulsive
  • Assertive
  • Goal-orientated
  • People-oriented

Sanguine Characteristics:

When meeting a person who has a sanguine temperament, it will feel as though you have known this person for many years. This is because you both will “click” and the conversation with be engaging and endless. They are the type of people whom you will feel comfortable with talking and getting to know. They are super friendly, talkative and sociable. They are very talkative and won’t realise how much time has passed with their chat. Their attention span is proportional to how interested they are in the conversation/ activity they are taking part in.

In addition, they are highly emotive. They have no filter. Their hyperactivity can often result in them being forgetful and disorganised. Also, this temperament is very competitive, they often have influential positions in sports, politics and the business world. They fear that they will make a bad impression and that they will experience rejection, they want to be accepted.


People with the melancholy temperament type are highly detailed and quality oriented. They are obsessed with finding what is right over being right all the time. They are conscientious and work to make sure all the details are correct, they can be perfectionists.

Melancholy Characteristics:

  • Rule follower
  • Cautious and tentative in new environments, but they can be aggressive when faced with a novel situation.
  • Private and introverted
  • Factual, logical and analytical
  • They like to have a plan for action and to follow it

Melancholy Traits:

  • They are usually worried about the future or what other people will think of them
  • They are high-guilt individuals, where they replay the past in their minds and think about how things could have been different if they reacted differently (they rarely live in the present)
  • They are well-organized
  • Before making a decision, they gather up as much information as possible and think before making a final decision
  • They can be suspicious and conscientious
  • It takes them a while to show their trust in others, they only trust when they are sure of a person’s intentions
  • It is difficult for them to form relationships because they have high expectations for the relationships they do form

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