11 Qualities of A High-Value Woman

#1 She is Feminine

  • Ways to be more feminine: eradicate masculinity, allow yourself to be vulnerable, modesty, coyness, invest in feminine qualities (such as being caring, listening, helping others shine, seeking middle ground and tending).

#2 She Takes Care of Her Appearance

  • Women who care about themselves are more likely to care about other areas of their life e.g. family, health and friends.
  • “The more you care about yourself, the more valuable you appear, and the more people will value and care about you.”

#3 She Takes Care of Her Health

  • She is mindful regarding the types of foods she eats and drinks, and she exercises.

#4 She Cares About People

  • “High quality leaders care about the people they lead” – Simon Sinek

#5 She Is Emotionally Stable

  • Woman are more emotional than men, but a high value women strives to keep her emotions in check.

#6 She Has A Good Command of The English Language

  • Language correlates with intelligence, so she makes sure to invest in this.

#7 She Radiates Positivity And Lifts People Up

  • She chooses to be optimistic and see the best in people.

#8 She Is Socially Skilled

  • Conversations, making friends, small talk, getting to know people and etc.

#9 Knows When To Set Boundaries

  • She is pleasant and welcoming, but she knows when it is the right time to stand her ground and defend her boundaries.

#10 She Is Emotionally Intelligent

  • Able to understand and act based on herself and other’s emotions and their needs.

#11 She Has A Growth Mindset & Doesn’t Take Things Too Personally

  • People with are growth mindset appreciate criticism, are constantly on the hunt for ways to improve, embraces challenges, and approaches problems with a can do attitude.

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