10 Qualities of A High-Value Man

#1 He Is Emotionally Intelligent

  • Self aware men know what their passions are and with self-management they take practical steps to get there.

#2 He Carries Himself With Purpose

  • Simon Sinek “A purpose means a man has a WHY”, when a man knows his purpose he carries himself with confidence and purpose.

#3 He Takes Care of Himself

  • They eat well, exercise and keep learning & investing in themselves.

#4 He Has High Self-Esteem

#5 He Generates His Own Self-Esteem

#6 He Is Assertive

  • He says what he means and means what he says, without being mean.

#7 He Knows Power Dynamics

#8 He Is Honest To His Own Value System

#9 He Has A Growth Mindset

#10 He Takes Responsibility

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