WFH Time Management Tips Part 2

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Part 2 Time Management WFH Tips:

Tip 1: Invest in a good IT set up. Check if your company are willing to send you equipment to help you work efficiently at home or they will give you an allowance to spend on purchasing IT equipment to help you work from home. Things like a monitor, a good headset, and an office chair.

Tip 2: Meal Prep. Use your weekends to cook your lunch for the week, so that way you won’t be a victim of the cheeky UberEats deliveries during lunchtimes. Or plan what quick meals you can make during the week, planning will help you to be more efficient with your time.

Tip 3: Login for work slightly earlier. I like to login earlier to complete tasks because I know things won’t be as busy, and I can set my head in the right place before the business of the day kicks in.

Tip 4: Keep a bottle of water by your desk, in case you’ll feel dehydrated.

Tip 5: Have breakfast- make a sandwich, a smoothie, just something to help you be more effective while working.

Tip 6: Write down the tasks you need to complete and block time out of your calendar to do so.

Tip 7: Take regular breaks and get fresh air.

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