Vocabulary for Emails in English


  • Dear Sir or Madam
  • To whom it may concern
  • Dear All
  • Dear -insert name-
  • Hi – insert name-


  • I am writing to you with reference to your letter dated…
  • With regard to our phone call
  • Concerning our phone call yesterday
  • In response to your email…


  • I would like to offer you
  • We would like to suggest a change of venue
  • We will have to ask you to postpone our appointment

Asking for information:

  • Please, inform me as to
  • Can you give me an update
  • Please help me understand
  • Can we ask you
  • What is the latest development in


  • I am afraid, we cannot agree
  • Unfortunately, we will have to pass up on your offer
  • We are sorry to inform you
  • We are sad to say that we cannot participate
  • Sadly, our company is not able to comply


  • Looking forward to hearing from you soon
  • Thanks in advance
  • I appreciate your (help, feedback, input)
  • Best regards
  • Yours truly

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