Are You A High Profile Employee?

  1. They Ask Questions – they pair their curiosity with a strong desire to perform and deliver results.
  2. They Work Well Independently – they deliver the best outputs with minimal supervision.
  3. Help Co-Workers – they extend a helping hand to their colleagues because they know that success is a result of the collective efforts of everyone.
  4. They Embrace the Company’s Values – they fully embrace the company’s mission and vision to bring more meaning to the work they do.
  5. They Reinforce Positive Work Culture and Environment – they never bring negativity to the workplace because they know how to manage their stress well.
  6. They Deliver Solid Results – they deliver constant and solid results and exceed expectations when given more challenging tasks.
  7. They Go The Extra Mile – they are relentless in their pursuit to achieve their goals and never settle for mediocrity.
  8. They Commit To The Company’s Goals – they are as committed to the company’s goals as with their career objectives and never prioritize personal gain over the welfare of their organization.
  9. They Exude Confidence- they are confident in their capabilities without being arrogant or condescending.
  10. They Understand The Importance of Collaboration – they value collaboration because they know everyone in the team can bring something valuable.
  11. They Thrive in High Pressure Situations – they don’t ball out when the going gets tough and even provide solutions without losing their composure.
  12. They Accept Criticisms- they don’t get easily discouraged by their shortcomings and don’t let these mistakes derail the success of the company.
  13. They Listen To Feedback – they take both praise and criticism graciously and take action by using the feedback as guideposts.
  14. They Accept Leadership Opportunities – they don’t shy away from leadership opportunities and are thrilled to assume more leadership roles.
  15. They Take Initiative – they are eager to assume more responsibility to improve their skills.

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