How to Stay Positive at Work

  1. Express Gratitude: thinking about the good in your life can help balance negativity. Give your brain extra time to register and remember a positive experience or idea.
  2. Positive Affirmations: the more a message is heard, the more likely it is to be believed. By repeating a message the brain starts to believe it.
  3. Deep Breaths and Stretching: stretching allows blood flow, improving circulation. While deep breaths bring oxygen to the brain, enhancing its performance.
  4. Ask For Help: don’t let pride get in the way of making your work life more positive. Get as much help and support as you can.
  5. Avoid Gossip: if invited to get involved in office gossip, do not engage. Getting involved will most likely cause tensions and anxiety, not to mention how poorly it reflects upon you as a person.

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