20 English Phrases For Conference Calls

How To Start A Conference Call?

  • I would like to welcome everybody here today
  • Thanks for attending
  • Could you all when speaking state your name clearly?
  • Please indicate (say) which office/department you represent

How To Interrupt A Conference Call?

  • Sorry, would you mind if I asked a question?
  • Just to clarify are you saying that…
  • Could I interrupt you for a minute?
  • Would you mind if I jumped in there please?
  • Can I stop you for just one minute please?

How To Ask For Clarification In A Conference Call?

  • Could you speak more slowly please?
  • Could you repeat that again or could you repeat that last bit please?
  • Could you speak up please (a little louder)?
  • Could you explain that again?
  • Could you explain that in layman’s terms (non technical language)?
  • I didn’t get that I am sorry could you say it again?

Other Useful Phrases

  • Can you leave it with me?
  • I’ll find out and let you know.
  • I think you might have misunderstood me…

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