How To Increase Your Visibility While Working From Home

Remaining visible while working from home is important for many reasons. Firstly, you are more likely to be put forward for new opportunities. Also, you show you are an effective leader, you build stronger relationships with your colleagues and consequently, you and your team will get recognition for achievements. As well as, you show to your colleagues and your company that you are an indispensable employee.

Let’s dive into the “how to”

Put your camera on during meetings – It is okay to have a few meetings where you don’t display your camera, but wherever possible strive to put your camera on. It is like that common saying “out of sight, out of mind…”

Be clear on what your team does and then let everyone know

Schedule more cross-departmental meetings – no one likes being in too many meetings, but while working from home over communication is vital .

Take time to brag about the work of others and your own– acknowledge the work of your team during meetings, in emails and even in conversations. A small word of acknowledgement can go a long way.

Ask your boss to be your ally– it is important to be clear with your manager on certain career goals that you have to see how they can support you, the famous saying goes “you don’t get what you don’t ask for…”

Make an effort to proactively reach out – every week set some goals to network with some of your colleagues, to see how they are getting on and how you can potentially support them.

Be responsive, within boundaries – make it known through your actions, that you are ready to support your team members. However keep boundaries as you still have work to complete at the end of the day.

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