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Hello beautiful people,

I have to give thanks to my girl Sarah for featuring me on her blog !

Here is a little bit about the old me, I used to be the type of person that would be so hard on herself, I thought I was the dumb kid, clumsy and not smart at school. I though there was a problem with me, any mistake I would make, I would dwell on it and it would make me feel so oppressed. As well as,I knew how to put myself down, I didn’t know how to forgive myself, I didn’t know my value, therefore I would find myself in the wrong relationships. Feeling void on the inside, and finding my value and worth through the eyes of other peoples comments towards me. With this baggage my mental health was not good, I wasn’t happy. But this changed when I embarked on a journey of faith in Jesus. I found my value in Him, nothing else, not my career, family, looks or achievements, today I am happy and want to share with others!

Here some tips that helped me along my journey of keeping good mental health:

Having a balanced diet– I cannot go without fruits and vegetables with my meals. I enjoy eating them actually, I often make smoothies to help me maintain a healthy weight, and to keep healthy on the inside. In my adolescent I struggled with my weight because I grew up on fast foods and being conformed to unbalanced meals at home.

When I hit the age of 14 I started to be more conscious of my weight and started exercising, i signed up to the gym and i was regularly attending, and I really enjoyed this journey, I loved to see progress as I was kicking off the pounds, I also found to enjoy eating vegetables as I was exposed to a variety of different vegetables at home and recipes. Boy!  was I missing out on a lot of tasty healthier meals! Today, I avoid many fast food restaurants, and McDonalds has been number one of them I have avoided for a few years now, as I’ve just found no pleasure in those meals and I have been mindful of what I put inside of my body. 

If I want to treat myself I would go to restaurants with grilled food or supermarkets that I can oven cook the meal.  My tip to you who want better mental health- take care of your diet be mindful of what you put in your body, because its yours and you will live with it forever, and one of the best starts to mental health is loving yourself, being comfortable with who you are. Also whether you want to gain weight or lose weight don’t allow your intention to be because you want to be accepted by society, or an insecurity, let it be because you value yourself and you recognise that keeping healthy is important for you.

Surround yourself with the right people –I don’t have many friends, but very very few. I personally don’t need a big friendship circle. As you go through life you will learn a lot and you will understand that sometimes, those who you call ‘’friend’’ are not really a friend but your enemy, some people just want to put you down instead of encouraging you and making the best come out of you. So my tip for you today based on your mental health, choose your friends wisely, you don’t need a big circle, ask yourself questions if your insecurity is coming because a ‘’friend’’ is weighing you down with their words, do they support your business?  Do they only come to you when you need something? When things aren’t going well for you, are they there to lift you up?

Gratitude– I love to say my gratitude, especially in the morning whilst I am on my way to work, because I remind myself of all the things I have, and this avoids me from complaining, sometimes I mention to myself 5 things today I am grateful for, and honestly it helps me keep positive. Complaining is the worst thing you can do, don’t allow this to mess up your aura. Try this now, write down 5 things that you are grateful for, do this as often as you can and you will be on your way to better mental health . Remember there are those who would do anything right now to have just one thing you are grateful for today. Don’t forget this!

Positive-You have two options, be negative or think positively, I know we face hard moments, and challenges in life, who doesn’t ? but what has worked for me, is keeping positive, the Word of God is my best turn too, to feed my mind with positivity, hopefulness and strength in hard times and in general.

Invest in yourself- Lastly, Invest in yourself!!!  Go and buy those new pair of shoes, treat yourself to your favourite dessert, paint your nails, have a pamper day at home, get your hair done, go for a walk, call a friend and hang out, learn a new skill, light candles at home, decorate your room, get more sleep, treat yourself to a delicious breakfast, have that second bar of chocolate Lool. Give attention to yourself….. When you do this you are giving value to yourself, because you are important. Your time is precious, make sure you take out time for yourself, many people do not know who they are because they are so focused on other priorities and are forgetting that they are also a priority, and this is how we get burnt out and frustrated because we lack self investment.

Here is a quote from Pooja Agnihotri.  “The best gift you can give to yourself is to invest in yourself.” and I completely agree because when you discover all that potential inside of you, you will be amazed, I never knew I could master braiding of hair in just under 2 hours of learning. I never knew I could do a whole set of weave by just my first trial, I  didn’t think I could be a high achiever in my education/academics. I never thought I could travel abroad by myself and get home safe. I never thought I could maintain a health weight and love my body, I never knew I could cook as well as I do with many people who love my food, but all of this I discovered because i invested in myself.

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