Work Life Balance

Research by Harvard Business Review showed that Work Life balance is a cycle and something that must be constantly reviewed, it doesn’t have a one time fix. But rather a constant cycle of adapting priorities based on the demand in one’s life at that moment in time.

The Work Life Balance Cycle is composed of 5 main steps:

1. Pause and de-normalise. Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself “What is currently causing you to be stressed or unbalanced?” What has been your main priority at this moment in time, is it the right priority?

2. Pay attention to your emotions. Ask yourself “How do I feel?” Awareness of one’s emotional state is important to identify the changes you would like to make to your work and lifestyle.

3. Reprioritize. Ask yourself this question “What am I willing to prioritize and how long for?” For instance, let’s say you have been prioritizing your work over your family, is this an important priority, do you have any regrets?

4. Consider your alternatives. Before coming up with solutions, first think about the aspects of your work and life that could be organised to better align with your priorities. For instance, how much time would you like to be spending with your family and investing in your hobbies?

5. Practice these changes. Now that you have identified your priorities and have carefully considered how to better organise them, it is now time to implement. There are public and private changes which can be effective strategies. For instance, private changes would mean putting boundaries into place such as not working on the weekends or during holidays. Whereas, public changes would include things like applying for a role with a flexible working schedule.

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