I Graduated with a 2.2- My University Story

I always thought I wanted to be a Doctor. So when it came to picking my A-Levels guess which subjects I ended up picking- the sciences; Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. When I look back, I realised I wasn’t passionate about these subjects, but I chose them because I wanted to be a Doctor and I did well at these subjects during GCSEs. Learn from my mistakes please, subjects you take at GCSE are not the same as A-Levels; choose subjects you are passionate about!!

I used to detest going to my Biology and Physics classes. I liked Mathematics and Chemistry. I remember A Levels being one of the hardest two years of my life, the workload was overwhelming and I seemed so confused about the trajectory of my life.

In my second year of college when I was applying for university, I was torn between wanting to study Neuroscience or Psychology. I was so adamant that I wanted to go to a university outside of London, to have the freedom that I much desired. My dream university at the time was Aston Birmingham and I wanted to study Psychology.

Guess what? Results day came and I didn’t get the grades I needed to fulfil the offer. I remember logging into UCAS that morning and seeing the declination note. My heart sank. What now? I went through the rigorous and emotional clearing process. Thankfully I secured a place at Goldsmiths, University of London. But on a foundation year; I ended up selecting Anthropology as I was interested in the social sciences and at that point, I just wanted to get a place at a university.

After completing my foundation year, I changed my course to BSc Psychology with Management. I loved my degree immensely!

However, starting university one thing that I struggled with so much was having the right balance, I would find it so easy to spend too much time on one thing and neglect the others. This had a detrimental effect on my studies, and I was not hitting the grades that I should have been. At one point, I was even sick and bed-bound; and I had to take some time off university to recover.

Entering my final year of university, I decided I wanted to learn from the mistakes of my 1st and 2nd year, and I wanted to complete university with the best grade possible. At this point, I was averaging at 2:2.

I made the effort to attend most of my lectures, to participate in lectures and to get to know my classmates more so we could help each other out with the work.

But then, I started to get anxious about my love life. Oh dear, this started to distract me from my studies as I would think “when will I enter a relationship” and so forth. Because of this anxiety, I ended up missing a deadline, and having to resubmit at a later point in time; but the essay ended up getting capped at 40% (teardrop). Another tip- don’t let anxiety in your love life distract you at university/school!!

So then I decided not to worry about my love life anymore. I focused on lessons and scored 72% on a piece of coursework, I started to get higher grades because my head was in the right place. I also was applying for graduate schemes and internships during this time. Thankfully, I was able to secure a Summer Internship in IT at a Private Equity Firm.

During the exam period, my laptop screen broke and this was during the pandemic. Thankfully, Currys was able to come to my house to collect my laptop and fix it, just in time for my exams. JUST IN TIME!

Overall, I ended up getting a 2.2 at university. I remember feeling so sad and angry with myself when I saw the result, as I worked hard and was so close to a 2.1. I appealed but my appeal was rejected, so then I had to count my blessings.

On the brighter side, I graduated from university and there were many obstacles that I faced at university that could have made me drop out from university. While being at university I gained so much experience and internships to help me find an ideal graduate job. I am surrounded by such supportive family and friends that helped me get through university. There’s a lot to be grateful for!

Whether you find yourself getting a 2.2, don’t be hard on yourself. Be grateful that you graduated from university because so many people don’t complete it.

Getting a 2:2 doesn’t have to be a negative label. You can work at an amazing company despite getting a 2.2 and I am a testament to that, thankfully I work at an investment bank despite getting a 2:2 at university.

I hope this post inspired someone x

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