Studying To Be A Nurse- Meet Praise

Questions: Brief description about yourself and your interests.

“My name is Praise, I am from Nigeria half Igbo half Yoruba, I like listening to music, socialising with people and editing videos.”

What do you study at university and why? What’s the story behind it?

“I am currently studying Nursing in Univeristy, since when I was young I have always knew that I wanted to go into the health care field, it wasn’t about the typical thing of were my African parents wants me to be a doctor, a lawyer or other big jobs, of course my parents wants me to have a career that will sustain me for a life time, but for me I wanted a job that I can be able to make a difference in a persons life , also being able to be there and care for vulnerable individuals and that is why I chose nursing.”

What are your future career prospects?

“My aim is to continue developing my skills and competencies in nursing not just to remain in one band.”

What are some challenges you faced whilst wanting to pursue a career as a nurse?

“Honestly before I started nursing I was nervous, fear was one of my obstacles because it’s people life that are involved and because am not good at science that almost discouraged me I know right science, it’s funny but I had to literally pray for God direction. And that’s how I landed myself in nursing. And when I stated I noticed that I was not bad as science as I claimed I was. And questioning myself if I am able ready for the responsibilities nursing entails.”

What’s your top tips for those currently at uni?

“I would say for you all to really plan your time very well, time management is crucial I had to learn that and develop on that whilst studying in uni, leaving assignments last minute is not good it’s important to leave time to re-read your work. Delaying your assignment doesn’t mean denial (failure) because you can still pass, but delaying does means you can be at risk of failing. Also, care for your mental by relaxing it’s essential to find things that helps you to relax if is watching the, taking a walk in the park, talking to your friends or even eating do that as uni is lots of work already you don’t need to add more.”

Whats your social media platforms?

“You can find me in my Instagram: @praise_udeme
And on YouTube: AbsolutelyMe”

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