The Deadline for Success- the Pressure to Achieve By 25

I’m not yet 25, but I have had numerous conversations with friends that are 25 or older than 25.

Often, they reference to feeling this huge amount of pressure leading up to 25 and being 25. Due to the achievements that are associated with this age. Achievements such as obtaining your drivers license, buying a car, getting married, graduating from university, getting a mortgage with your spouse, travelling the world, having a successful side hustle and the list goes on!

Consequently, many people are increasingly feeling the pressure to succeed by the time they are 25-30. It’s like social media makes it seem like one is a failure if they don’t have a certain achievement by X age. But then again, perspective is everything and for another person it could motivate them rather than put them down.

My point is, there is no deadline for success. If you didn’t buy a house by 25? Why not buy one at 35? Don’t allow the age of 25 to be a limitation, in the pursuit to achieve financial freedom early.

When we think about it we put this huge unnecessary pressure and unrealistic expectations to achieve certain milestones in a short space of time. Who’s life do you want to live; theirs or yours?

One thing I have learnt in life: the journey is just as important as the destination.

When it takes blood, sweat and tears to achieve something, naturally you value it way more than if it were given for free. This is because you know the pain you went through in order to achieve it. So the longer it takes to achieve something, even better because it means you’d value it even more.

Trust in the timing of your life.

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