Type A and Type B Personality Characteristics

Type A personality can be described by a constant feeling of pressure and working against the clock, and a strong sense of competitiveness. Individuals with a Type A personality usually experience high stress levels, they hate failing and find it difficult to stop working, even when they have achieved the goals which they have set for themselves.

Type A:

  • Competitive
  • Time-Urgent
  • Hostile and Aggressive
  • High Levels of Impatience
  • Getting Upset Easily
  • Associates Self-Worth with Achievement
  • High Levels of Stress

Type B personality is characterised by having a relax, patient and easy-going disposition. Individuals with a Type B personality they tend to work steadily, they enjoy their achievements, and they do not become overly stressed when they fail to achieve certain goals. People with Type B personality are often tolerant of others, they are more relaxed compared to their Type A counterparts.

Type B:

  • Relaxed
  • Patient
  • Easy-Going
  • Even-Tempered
  • Flexible
  • Adaptable to Change
  • Creative
  • Tendency to Procrastinate

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