How To Make The Most Out of Your 20s #PartTwo

Our 20’s are often described as the “defining decade” because they play a huge role in determine the type of person we will become and where we will go. but having said that, if one doesn’t achieve something in their 20s they can still achieve it in their 30s, 40s, 50s etc. For instance, while I was in university there was a woman age 59 who decided to go back to university and start her undergraduate studies – so in this case she didn’t get her degree in her 20s but was able to achieve it in her 60s.


  1. Start writing down your goals
  2. Start letting go of your ego
  3. Start reading more
  4. Stop trying to live someone else’s life
  5. Stop feeling bad about the past
  6. Start showing love ones that you care
  7. Start to take care of your health
  8. Start saving
  9. Start asking questions
  10. Start learning how to cook – this will save you a lot of money!
  11. Start getting involved in meaningful causes
  12. Start following current events
  13. Start travelling
  14. Spend more time alone
  15. Start conducting weekly reviews – see how you can be better
  16. Start learning from failure
  17. Start to express gratitude
  18. Start saying ‘no’, if the request goes beyond your current capacity
  19. Start coming up with lots of ideas
  20. Start learning how to manage your time better
  21. Stop making excuses
  22. Stop putting off all your life plans
  23. Keep learning
  24. Start volunteering
  25. Start living in the moment

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