Cover Letter Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Research the company prior to writing it
  2. Address the Hiring Manager by name
  3. Set a tone that’s reflective of the company culture
  4. Use simple language and a clear structure
  5. Express your interest for the job
  6. Discuss your relevant skills
  7. Highlight what YOU and YOUR skills can bring to the job and company
  8. Show enthusiasm for the organization and its values
  9. Include specific key words highlighted in the job ad
  10. Ask someone to review your cover letter before you submit it


  1. Don’t just copy and paste your CV
  2. Don’t b waffle
  3. Don’t include irrelevant skills and qualifications
  4. Don’t just focus on what the job can do for you
  5. Don’t make it too long
  6. Don’t have spelling mistakes
  7. Don’t just copy and paste the JOB AD
  8. Don’t submit an unedited draft

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