Black History Month – Black Success Stories – Bhekuvuyo

As part of our Black History Month Series we are sharing the success stories of various black people to understand more about their career paths and to learn from their experiences so far. Today we will be sharing Bhekuvuyo’s story.

1) Brief Introduction to yourself and what you currently do, and what your main interests are.

I’m Bhekuvuyo. I have just completed my first 2 years at university, studying accounting and finance. I am currently on a placement year at Goldman Sachs in the Controllers division. My main interests include the stock market, cryptocurrency, watching boxing, and reading books.

2) If you went to university, what did you study and why? What’s the story behind it?

I am currently at university and I am studying accounting and finance. I knew I wanted to work in the finance sector before going to university, and I was interested in the stock market and developing my knowledge about investing. Therefore, studying accounting and finance felt like the best option for me.

3) What were some of the challenges you faced with entering the role you are in today?

The main challenge I faced was learning about the process of getting an internship such as how to write a cover letter, writing a good CV, etc.

4) How do you ensure you bring your authentic self to work/in everything you?

I aim to be authentic in everything I do.

5) What type of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I would like to have had a positive impact on other people’s lives, by improving their social and economic well-being.

6) What makes you proud to be black/ what are you proudest of regarding your heritage?

I am proud of the music and clothing in my culture.

7) Any tips for upcoming kings and queens, that don’t quite yet see the crown on their head?

My tips would be to identify what you want to do, stay focused on achieving it and work hard.

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