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COP26 – made simple.  

The UK is hosting a summit called COP26, this is an important discussion on how climate change can be brought under control. 

The COP26 event is a global United Nations summit on climate change and on how countries intend to tackle the challenge.  

It was supposed to take place in Glasgow, Scotland in November last year with more than 200 world leaders in attendance, however it was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Now COP26 is taking place in Glasgow between 31st October and 12 November 2021, and the decisions made here can result in big changes to our lives. 

What is COP26? 

COP stands for Conference of the Parties, and those in attendance will be countries that have signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), a treaty agreed in 1994. The 2021 meeting is the 26th meeting to be held, hence why it is called COP26.  


Why is COP important? 

Global warming is increasing due to fossil fuel emissions (due to human activity). Consequently, icecaps are melting, and sea levels are rising. It is becoming more evident that we are witnessing more extreme weather events across the world – such as heatwaves, floods and forest fires, these natural occurring events have exacerbated because of climate change. This past decade has been recorded as being the warmest, hence the importance of the summit.

What is the Paris Agreement? 

The Paris Agreement is an international agreement to tackle climate change, this was agreed with leaders in 2015 where 195 countries attended COP21 in Paris. The Paris Agreement states 

  • Nations must “reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gasses produced and increase renewable types of energy like wind, solar and wave power” 
  • “Keep global temperature increase “well below” 2C (3.6F) and to try to limit it to 1.5C” 
  • “Review progress made on the agreement every five years” 
  • “Spend $100 billion dollars a year in climate finance to help poorer countries by 2020, with a commitment to further finance in the future” 

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