How To Prepare For Your Mid-Year Review

Regardless of how you feel mid-year reviews are something we all must embrace. 

Midyear reviews are an opportunity for you to develop more within the company, any chance for you to discuss what you have been working on, accomplishments, and areas of improvement.

To make the most out of mid-year performance reviews it requires thoughtful preparation. Here are four tips to help you prepare for your mid- year review. 

  1. Think beyond. In the last 6 months who have you served, connected with, or inspired? Why are the efforts important for the company, culture, and work? Your answers to these questions will help spark a conversation between you and your manager that goes beyond a mechanical catch up. 
  2. Come with questions. Ask your manager explains your mid-year performance review comments, be quick to listen to their feedback and be at the ready to ask questions to ensure you are both on the same page, so that you can move forward and achieve those goals. 
  3. Get ready to speak about your weaknesses. Come prepared with a plan to improve on any failings e.g., if that is finding a mentoring, studying a specific field in more details. Often managers will you help create an improvement plan, but it is your duty to follow through with the plan. 
  4. Make preparation part of your routine. It is always good to be thinking about your job performance throughout the year and not just leading up to a performance review. Ways to do this include firstly, get real-time feedback; as you complete projects, ask your managers or colleagues for feedback on how they found the task you completed. Secondly, always be documenting; whether that is on a digital system or a physical notebook – keep track of your career achievements, what you are doing outside of the role, any projects you have completed, success metrics etc. Finally, big yourself up! It is important to put yourself out there, especially when you have achieved great things at work because that is the only way that you’d be in line for a job promotion. For instance, sharing positive feedback that you have received with your manager after you worked on a project is a great way to do so.  

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