Places To Eat On Your Lunch Break In The City – HOP Vietnamese | Corporate Lunches

In this new series ‘Corporate Lunches’ I will be sharing reviews of places in the city that I have ate at on my lunch break. I think we all know that feeling when your lunch break is about the start and the big question is asked; “What are you having for lunch?”.

This series aims to inform you of the good places to eat and the not so good places to eat in the city.

HOP Vietnamese sell a range of Vietnamese dishes such as Curry Hot Boxes, Bun Noodle Salads, Pho Soups, Banh Mi Baguettes.

I ordered the Chicken Pho, Sriracha Hot Wings, and a Lychee Drink.

The Chicken Pho was delicious. It’s an aromatic broth with chargrilled caramel chicken thigh and flat nice noodles. Served with spring onions, fresh herbs, a lime wedge, and sliced chillies. This was my first-time trying Chicken Pho and I loved, it was rich in flavour.

Chicken Pho

The Sriracha Hot Wings were tasty also, it was not extremely hot.

Unfortunately, they forgot to put my Lychee Drink in the bag, but it is fine as the shop was very busy.

Currently the store at St Pauls is doing a 50% discount, make the most out of it while it lasts!

Do you have any other places you would like me to go to eat on my lunch break to review?

Please leave suggestions in the comments sections.

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