Level Up Your LinkedIn & CV


A service that will enable you to “Level Up Your CV/LinkedIn Profile”.

I will provide you with detailed feedback and comments on what to improve on, depending on the service you select LinkedIn Profiles & CVs.

What makes the service unique compared to others?

Firstly, it is an opportunity to enhance your current CV, LinkedIn profile, or both. If you have don’t have either, why not use this service to help you create a solid profile?

I will provide you with detailed feedback- annotations if its a CV and thorough feedback based on how to improve your LinkedIn profile.


Whilst at university I took modules in Leadership and Talent Management, Assessment & Selection, Training, Coaching and Counselling. These modules have provided me with insight into organisations recruitment practices. I have an interest in understanding people’s career interests and finding out what career works best for them.

Whilst at university, I have managed to undertaken various internships across different industries. In most companies, I interned in the Human Resource departments within the financial services, where I had opportunities to review applications and understand how the HR Manager decides who to progress to the next stage of the recruitment process.ย As well as, I have completed workshops on how to improve LinkedIn and CV Profiles.

I am passionate about careers, assessment and selection processes and I studied this at university. I’m not an experienced professional, but I have managed to land myself internships at leading organisations so I do believe my service will be of some benefit.

What are the next steps?

Send an email to sarah@sarahngan.com , and start your journey with us in levelling up your CV/LinkedIn Profile.


“Efficient communication… each section of my Cv was analysed… Clear and easy to understand feedback… supportive with providing ideas for future career paths…”

“A great career is within your reach” – Sarah Ngan